Sharing and developing knowledge the safe way

Data security is essential to protect intellectual property from malicious parties. In this online magazine you can read more about this and about the value of responsibly sharing data.

Rens Buchwaldt, Executive Board, explains why WUR is serious about digital safety.

'The development and sharing of knowledge, the very mission of WUR, is also the one thing that makes the university vulnerable,' Rens Buchwaldt tells us in the video above. Buchwaldt is a member of the Executive Board where he is responsible for the data security of Wageningen University & Research. After all, knowledge is power and people from outside and even foreign powers seek access to these important sources of information.

In this magazine we look at the ways in which we protect our data and make it public in a safe way, so that as many people as possible can benefit from it. It is therefore essential that every member of staff and every student is aware of their role in safely handling the collected data. WUR is serious about data!